$4.50/month for 3 months, then regular price of $8.99/month after free trial, if any, ends. Free trial for new and eligible returning Starz on Hulu subscribers only.

Nov 15, 2019 Hulu Live TV monthly subscription price going up $10 to $54.99 Nov 15, 2019 Get Half Off Hulu for 6 Months Thanks to Chrissy Teigen Aug 28, 2019 Hulu Review | PCMag

Hulu Plus - Is It Worth the Extra Cost?

How Much is Hulu and Hulu Live? A Complete Price Breakdown Jul 06, 2020 Disney bundle with Hulu + Live TV | Hulu.com Click "Sign Up Now" to create your Hulu account and sign up for the Disney bundle with Hulu + Live TV. You'll be billed $61.99/month by Hulu for access to all three services. STEP 2 …

Mar 25, 2019

Score!!! I received my code in about 1hr. Applied it to my account without any problem. I just Googled redeem Hulu code, and types it in. I now have a credit thru 8/28/16. It gave me a credit for 12 months and 15 day. I will most definitely by again! You're saving over 4 dollars per month!