Backwards progress at USPTO - Ant-like Persistence

What to Look for When Using US Public PAIR – An Public PAIR is the USPTO system for allowing any interested party to look at the prosecution history associated with a granted United States Patent or a published pre-grant application. The information in PAIR is also referred to as a file wrapper (or file history) associated with a particular patent application. Guidelines to Search in USPTO Public PAIR | Intepat Mar 28, 2019

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Backwards progress at USPTO - Ant-like Persistence HTTPS access to Public PAIR. The USPTO’s public facing legacy systems, such as Public PAIR, were not designed to support HTTPS protocol. The agency has worked hard to enhance these legacy systems to support HTTPS. Following the agency’s April 11, 2017 deployment of HTTPS to Public PAIR, some public users reported errors accessing Public PAIR.

Overview Keeps Track of Public PAIR speed statistics In an attempt to ensure the United States Patent and Trademark Office's Public Pair service is running effectively, this addon aims to collect

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