Jun 11, 2019

Nov 13, 2017 Financial help if you're disabled: Television licence To claim the TV licence concession for blind people, you’ll need to get a certificate from your local authority or ophthalmologist stating that you are registered blind or severely sight impaired. Who has to pay for a TV licence and why do we have it Jun 11, 2019 How to save £8,000 by never paying for the TV Licence

Jun 22, 2020

Welcome to TV Licensing. Use this site to access a range of information about TV Licensing in the UK, including methods of payment and details of television licence regulations How to watch TV legally WITHOUT paying for a licence Feb 03, 2020 Get a free or discounted TV licence - GOV.UK

May 12, 2020

TV licences: BBC to go ahead with over-75s licence fee Jul 09, 2020 Is it possible for a non UK citizen to buy a TV Licence