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This COULD be linked to latency, as I run Netflix/Prime etc off the Sprint network through a tether, so my latency can be a bit high. I also cannot setup Port Forwarding, so I have NAT issues too. So I'm thinking this above could be linked to the Xbox possibly losing X amount of packets that it hits a possible threshold, and 'auto pauses What the hell did Netflix do to their app? : xboxone TDLR: Netflix has somehow messed up their simple app after a new update that was meant to fix things. Edit: Fixed spelling. Edit: Thanks to /u/LesnarsBattleScream you can uninstall the app and reinstall and it seems to fix all problems for me. Re: NetFlix not working on AppleTV - NETGEAR Communities

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Need help port forwarding my xbox one Our old router died and I was forced to get a new one from Spectrum. at first everything was alright till I tried to get into a online match and I was not able to connect, after several failed attempts to get into a match I went to chech my settings and was shocked to see that I have a Strict NAT type.

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